Prior to commencement, Sky Parking provides a thorough analysis to ensure an optimal usage of the parking area. A minimum of 1 week preliminary visit will be required for a full assessment including but not limited to, volume analysis, traffic congestion reduction strategies and detailed recording of owner’s asset inventory

Safety & Comfort
Safety & Comfort are two of the most significant things when operating a car park area. At Sky Parking, we believe that safety is more than mere comfort factor. It is a moral obligation that the company passionately serves to achieve the highest level of standard.

Optimizing a car park is what we do best. Sky Parking will formulate specific strategies to create the most efficient operational flow. The number of lots and gates required are precisely accounted for, along with proper number of staffs serving the lots. Pricing strategies will be based on revenue optimization while keeping in mind the value and comfort of the customers.

Customer experience is an intangible factor that closely related to the creation of service value.Sky Parking continuously improves its service quality and strategies in order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, including accurate signage and directional implementations, optional upfront parking fee payment to reduce traffic congestions, VIP zone & valet parking services, uniquely fresh uniform design, and easy access to entry and exit points.

Utilizing the latest in technology has allowed Sky Parking to achieve operational effectiveness. Manless parking system, e-money payment, secure and stable database system, and integrated control are just a few of the latest equipment and sophistication that Sky Parking has to offer. The company constantly conducts research in effort to achieve the ultimate efficiency.

Innovation is a spirit that Sky Parking values. Through various exciting activities, Sky Parking will support land owners to attract more visitors. E.g. lucky draws, give aways, and digital promotion or brandings through Sky Parking’s 15 inch LED Monitors located on cashiers, and dispensers at entry and exit points.

Quality is an uncompromised factor. Customer feedbacks are as important as intensive and periodical staff trainings. Hotline customer care, email inquiry, website, and social media are the core tools to engage customer feedbacks and the best tools to monitor and maintain the highest standard in quality, while putting attention to details from staff grooming and other service standards.

Transparency is one of the key elements in building trust and successful relationship. Sky Parking heavily considers the various importance of clear and concise reporting, in addition to proper taxation clearance, providing peace of mind to land owners while growing trust and assurance along the way.